144 WP-Tonic: Qualities of High-End WordPress Hosting

AJ Morris of Liquid Web joins our Saturday panel as we discuss the qualities of high-end WordPress hosting.

We find out what differentiates a high end managed WordPress host from the average hosting companies that cost a few bucks a month. Why is it important to have a quality web host? What are you looking for in web hosting for your WordPress website? We’ll answer these questions and many more.

Our panel this week:

AJ Morris of Liquid Web (@ajmorris on Twitter)
Jackie D’Elia of Jackie D’Elia Design (@jdelia)
Jonathan Denwood of WP-Tonic (@jonathandenwood)
John Locke of Lockedown Design (@Lockedown_)

Episode 144 Table of Contents
0:00 Podcast Intros
1:50 WordPress News Story #1: Nashville to Host WordCamp US 2017-2018

Nashville to Host WordCamp US 2017-2018

10:03 The .blog Bait & Switch

18:23 Upvato Backup Service Confirms Files Are Lost, Plans to Relaunch on New Provider

Upvato Backup Service Confirms Files Are Lost, Plans to Relaunch on New Provider

25:31 Main Topic: Qualities of High End WordPress Hosting
25:44 What is the advantage of having a managed WordPress host vs having just regular web hosting?
27:30 What are the differences between an inexpensive web host and a quality web hosting company?
29:55 How do you try to convince people to improve their web hosting?
32:58 Some interesting user stats that Liquid Web found when they did due diligence, and some great features that Liquid Web offers.

36:07 Why WP Engine has been the market leader in WordPress hosting so far, and what Liquid Web is doing to compete with them.
37:47 A few words about SSL and WordPress hosting.
41:00 Some hosting companies that let you manage several client sites from one panel, and some common problems web developers face when it comes to getting clients to the right hosting package.
48:01 How will HTTP/2 affect server configurations in the next year or two?
50:26 Page speed is important. How do customers evaluate hosting speed stats and different benchmark studies?
57:01 What security practices make you feel better when you are choosing a web host? What does the hosting landscape look like right now?
1:01:12 What are the unique challenges that come with providing hosting to web agencies?
1:05:05 The importance of technical support in web hosting.
1:08:20 Podcast outros
1:10:49 Bonus content
1:10:51 A detailed case study of a tricky server
1:12:40 The three web hosts Jackie recommends
1:12:59 How does Liquid Web handle plugins? Are there restricted plugins? (Some managed WP hosts restrict certain plugins for better performance.)
1:18:05 Why many web hosting companies are actually Software as a Service companies instead of true web hosts.
1:20:54 The current setup for Liquid Web for a unified dashboard if you are hosting client sites, and how you might navigate invoicing.
1:25:01 “Projects don’t start until the website launches”…Clients want you to stay involved.
1:28:54 How does Liquid Web handle backups?


Recommended WordPress hosting companies mentioned during the show:

Liquid Web

WP Engine








Other Links Mentioned During the Show:

Let’s Encrypt

Comodo SSL

GT Metrix

Brief History of HTTP/2

InMotion Hosting

Liquid Web Intelisys Case Study


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