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Hello i have problem with ajax page load on my site.

My site i have installed countdown for my product woocommerce.
But if i want go on this page through my MENU,countdown DISAPPEAR.
If i disable ajax page load,countdown loading.
Please help me,i can’t disable ajax page load because i want that my player radio continuous music.
I have already ask supporter theme but not respond. Is there any solution? My priority to have the player playing continuously but i want to show countdown products.
What did I do to try to solve?
I think that with javascript i can solving this problem because:
In my file theme javascritpt this:
I have added this code:
(woosalescountdow is plugin that i use for countdown) and with this code,countdown working if i connect at page through menu.
But if i want in this page without going through the menu happened this:
( sorry i can’t add more 2 link) countdown is BROKEN.

Any solution?

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