Pay What You Want for This WordPress Course, Up to 99% Off

WordPress isn’t just for bloggers; it’s a powerful Content Management System (CMS) that is used to power more than a quarter of the world’s websites. In short, it’s a platform for business websites, e-commerce sites and more—and with this pay-what-you-want WordPress course bundle, you’ll master how to use it across all of its applications.

You’ll learn how to build an e-commerce storefront and develop the skills necessary to make a future-proof, perfectly optimized and responsive site for a client or yourself. The courses will also teach you how to take advantage of WordPress’ flexible plugin system.

Here’s how the bundle works: name any price you think is fair, and you’ll unlock the last course. Beat the average price, and you’ll open all seven courses. And considering how WordPress development is in high demand, whether you’re working freelance, at a startup, or in a more traditional environment, now’s the perfect time to learn. Usually, this bundle is $1,243, but you can get it now for up to 99% off.

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