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The easiest and quickest way to remove sidebars from your WordPress pages at the template and stylesheet level. In this tutorial/hack, we simply show how we do a removal in a theme and walk you through what you need to do in your own.

Here is the code mentioned in the tutorial:

First, go to Dashboard – Appearance – Widgets, delete all the widgets that appear in the sidebar. Then, move to Appearance – Editor, navigate to Stylesheet (style.css), search for the following codes:

———————BEGIN CODE—————————

#left-area {
———————END CODE—————————

Change the “width” to 100%.
Then search for:
———————BEGIN CODE—————————

.blog_item_content {
———————END CODE—————————
Change the “width” to a larger value, such as 1000px or 100% if it is in a percentage.

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