Using Video with Header Media Twenty Seventeen WordPress Theme and Drawback

How to use video in your header if you use WordPress Twenty Seventeen theme? Twenty Seventeen theme will be the default theme of WordPress 4.7. In this video, I show you how to use Header Media, one of the features of Twenty Seventeen theme, that enables you, uploading your own video or using YouTube videos as your header video.

To me, there are drawbacks when you use your own video:
1. The video size is mostly a lot bigger than an image, so it can “eat” your hosting resources when your visitors ONLY visiting (streaming) your website. So you need to consider it when you use a shared hosting and have a lot of traffics.
2. People can download your video easily unless you put a watermark in it.

Drawback using YouTube video, it will show black gaps (empty space) in Firefox and Chrome browsers, even when I set on a Full-HD 1080p setting.

Other than that, having video on your header is a cool thing 🙂

Do you want to try this theme NOT on your live website? You can install WP locally on your computer with these tutorials:
1. Install WP on Windows 8, can be used with recent windows.
2. Install WP on a Mac

0:32 Previewing Twenty Seventeen
0:57 Getting started with Header Media in Customizer
1:29 Using a YouTube video as header
3:00 Using your own video by uploading to your server


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